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However, there are many traditions that in spite of the distance they are being celebrated here in the United States.

For instance, Chinese New Year—a popular tradition celebrated in San Francisco, California, being the biggest celebration outside of China. From Shanghai to San Francisco this tradition is mainly about the food. Specific food eaten during this time has a meaning and significance for the years ahead Powerful Essays words 4. Chinese New Year is very different from other New Year because it is a more traditional celebration. Chinese New Year day falls on a different day each year, unlike the regular New Year.

The Chinese New Year Essay

Chinese New Year helps bring family together. It is the day where everyone stop working and everyone travel back home where all the family members come together for an annual reunion and dinner The Chinese people believe that the next year heralds a fresh start. It is a fifteen day festival to commemorate the end of the year. In essence, the Chinese New Year allows for a fresh start to a new year.

Preparing for the new year is an important task which allows for a renewed start to the new year Even though it starts early in January, the Chinese people will be preparing by cleaning up their homes and shrines for the joyous celebration that will last 15 days Powerful Essays words 5.

We studied various aspects of their lives and the preservation of their culture in America. In most Asian countries, winter break revolves around Chinese New Years. In the United States, our winter break revolves around Christmas. Therefore, when Chinese New Years is celebrated in the U.

Better Essays words 2. As most know, China is the most populated country in the world with approximately 1. We all have an event that symbolize our cultures in some way. The events that take place represent some form of freedom and independence. This is a way we can learn about who we are as a culture and celebrate how far we have come There are many traditions and activities that happen at this time. Oshogatsu is a time to visit temples, forget the troubles of the past year, and wish for good fortune in the new.

Many festivals around this time also reflect the values and ideals of New Years. History: During the time of the Empress Suiko , Japan was influenced greatly by the religion and beliefs of China Better Essays words 7. Essay Preview. One of Guangzhou 's flower festivals On Taiwan , most events and traditions are the same as those on the mainland. The most important special event is the Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival , where fireworks are shot straight into the people watching the show. Being hit is supposed to bring good luck , but this used to be very unsafe. Today, people wear special hard hats helmets and thick clothes to protect them from the fire and fireworks.

The dragon is then burnt up at the end of the dance. Chinese New Year is a national holiday in the Philippines. Binondo —sometimes considered the world's oldest Chinatown —sees a lot of traditional celebrations, such as lion and dragon dances. In , Davao City stopped letting people use fireworks because its people were hurting themselves too much.

Photos: Millions celebrate Chinese New Year, year of the Fire Rooster

Their leader Rodrigo Duterte became president of the country and said that he wanted to stop fireworks everywhere. As president, however, he has so far continued to let people use them. Chinese people have lived there since at least the 15th century , when Zheng He 's ships visited its islands for the Yongle Emperor of the Ming , and many more came when the Netherlands held the islands as a colony.

Things changed after the fall of Suharto in , [16] and Indonesia made Chinese New Year a national holiday for everyone in Dragon and lion dances are common at shopping centers , which sometimes have special sales to let Chinese people buy new often red clothes to wear for the holiday. Some older Chinese traditions still survive in Indonesia.

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Like in the Philippines , people try to pay back any money they owe before the New Year. People also try not to lend any money during the holiday, because they think it will make them have to keep lending money for the whole year.

The Chinese New Year Is Representative Of Chinese Culture

It is also still common to leave some food at the table for dead family members and to give them gifts as the New Year begins. An unusual tradition in Malaysia is the idea of "open house" dinners, especially on the 2nd and 3rd night of the holiday. Guests, friends, and even strangers from different races and religions can be let in to enjoy large dinners together.

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In addition to fireworks at the beginning of the New Year, many people light them on the 9th day of the holiday to celebrate the birthday of the Jade Emperor , the boss of the Chinese gods. Because of this story, lots of sugarcane is used for Malaysian decorations for Chinese New Year. A restaurant in Seremban started getting people to eat it by throwing it high in the air for good luck in the s, and people had so much fun that they have done it ever since.

A special tradition is for women with no boyfriend or husband to throw an orange into the sea to find a man. Some now write their telephone numbers on the oranges they throw, and men will use boats to go out and get the fruit. Singapore, like Malaysia, has a national holiday for Chinese New Year and the day after it.

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It also sees lot of "steam boat" hot pot dinners. Worried that people would find the next celebration less fun, they began the Chingay Parade the next year in In , Indians and Malays joined the parade , which happens on the 8th day of the New Year. The parade is now the biggest in Asia , [35] [36] with more than 10, people in it and floats that showing every animal of the circle of Chinese years and the money god Cai Shen.

There are still government firework shows, and the people of Singapore now make noise during the holiday by hitting bamboo sticks together.

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Holiday shopping and street shows are centered on Chinatown. Its Wishing Tree is filled with cards that tell people's hopes and dreams. The money from selling the cards is used for the area's activity center for the old. Downtown, the holiday is used as a showcase for Chinese arts and customs. The Chinese Festival of Arts starts on the 5th day and runs for the rest of the holiday until the Lantern Festival.

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The Chinese New Year market in Chinatown The statue of Cai Shen at the River Hongbao A dancer at the Chingay Parade Dragon dancers Fireworks at the River Hongbao Decorations at the River Hongbao Chinese New Year, the day before it, the day after it, and the Lantern Festival are national holidays in Brunei.

The country has had a large number of Chinese people since the s and 40s , and the sultan sometimes comes to their New Year celebrations. Since , however, Brunei has set out tough Islamic laws that try to stop Muslims from joining or even seeing the Chinese celebrations. Lion dances are allowed only at the last Chinese temple in Brunei , at Chinese schools , and at the homes of the Chinese.

Only Chinese people can join the dance.

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People cannot use fireworks or firecrackers , and dances must stop during the hours of Islamic prayers. The time in Beijing is 1 hour different from the time in the Korean capital cities of Pyongyang and Seoul. The Korean holiday is very close to the Chinese one, with families gathering, children being very nice to their parents and grandparents, and older people giving gifts of money to the young. The Korean holiday has different traditional foods and games, though.

Like the Korean New Year, it sometimes happens on a different day. In , North Vietnam changed its time so that its capital Hanoi is now 1 hour different from Beijing.

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This means that the new moon happens a day earlier in Vietnam about one time every 24 years. Vietnamese people also add a 13th month to their calendar at a different time from the Chinese, who always try to put the 1st day of winter in their 11th month. In some years, this makes Tet happen in the month after the Chinese New Year. Like in Korea, the Vietnamese New Year is mostly the same as China's, with families gathering, children saying nice things to their parents and grandparents, and older people giving gifts of money to the young.

There are some different foods and traditions, like their New Year tree or special games. Some of the differences come from changes in China: Tet sees more people do nice things for their dead family members. In China, most of the traditions like that were moved to Tomb Sweeping Day at the beginning of April. The largest US and Canadian celebrations happen in Chinatowns. People eat Chinese food , give gifts , and have dragon parades that sometimes include marching bands. There is no national holiday with time off work, but different events go on for the full traditional 2 weeks up to the Lantern Festival.

The holiday is also so important to China that many world leaders will take time to send their good wishes to China and the Chinese people. Chinese Americans get the special clothes ready for a lion dance team in LA London 's Chinatown decorated for the Chinese New Year Fireworks in Mexico City 's Chinatown The parade and a cloud of smoke from firecrackers in DC Most traditional customs have to do with getting more good luck for the new year and staying away from anything unhappy. People hang up decorations, especially pairs of Chinese poems couplets on either side of their doors.

Live plants suggest growth , and flowers suggest coming fruits. Pussy willow is common in some places because its Chinese name sounds like "money coming in". People used to welcome the New Year with anything that made loud noises, including drums , cymbals , or even woks and pots. The exact traditions were different in different parts of China. Fireworks and firecrackers became more and more common everywhere, but lately many places have stopped letting most people use them because of the danger of people hurting themselves , of fire , and of dirt in the air that can make people sick.

There are still big firework shows in most big cities with many Chinese people, but the city government will do everything and other people just watch. Visits to people's houses are done in new or well-kept clothes. People wear more red than usual, which makes them think of happy times like weddings , and wear less black and white, which makes some think of sad times like funerals.

In Malaysia , it has even become common to give people such red underwear as gifts and for non-Chinese to wear all-red clothes during the season of the Chinese New Year. People try not to say bad words, tell ghost stories, or talk about death.

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chinese essays chinese new year Chinese essays chinese new year
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