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Mixed fighting is not a mainstream sport, but there is no reason to ban it in any state in the United States. Even if not all sports, as with most sports, there are the most remarkable rules and the battle is authorized, so we need to apply the rules.

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Like other sports, there are regulation and weight levels. Mixed fighting is considered the ultimate battle method. Do you think I need to be a companion fighter warrior the police are fighting in the cage? In: Journal of Religion and Society , Vol.

Martial arts

Watson NJ , Brock B. Journal of Religion and Society.

Watson, Nick J ; Brock, Brian. In: Journal of Religion and Society.

Which Martial Art is the Best? The Perfect Ratio for MMA

Keeping workers invested in the company and divided amongst themselves means that there is no collective working-class resistance to conquer. And high-level, well-compensated fighters, like Couture, Brock Lesner, and Chuck Liddell, are portrayed almost as a norm, even though they are outlying exceptions with regard to worker compensation across the MMA landscape.

Capitalism functions more efficiently when workers as a whole have leisure time to re-charge hence, we have weekends, holidays, vacation.

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Sport functions in society for workers as a site where one can have a reprieve from work, only to go back to work without complaining about it. The MMA industry is built largely from the reality that much of our society values and has commodified violence as a form of entertainment. Thus as capitalist enterprises, MMA organizations know that they can increase profits, not only by increased gate and pay-per-view sales, but also through advertising deals, DVD sales, clothing sales, and so on.

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And as long as enough of the larger society values violence as a form of entertainment, the broader public will support the industry that creates this manifestation of violence, but not the workers that enable the industry to run. Consequently, those who utilize their bodies as labor are resigned to in this case literally fight for themselves and against one another.

One could reasonably argue that fighters engage in fight sport as a personal choice, and that is ultimately true, but it is true to different degrees for different people.

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  8. People are born with vastly different life chances. It is no coincidence that such a high proportion of boxers from different ethnic demographics have come from very working-class backgrounds over the decades.

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    And while MMA currently has a larger proportion of fighters from middle-class backgrounds, one can go back to the way our society values masculine violence as a form of entertainment. This will inevitably influence a heavy number of males to pursue a pro MMA career, often at the expense of other lengthy vocational paths. And back to the issue at hand, sacrificing the more likely career path means not crossing the boss once in the MMA industry.

    Mixed martial arts essays
    Mixed martial arts essays
    Mixed martial arts essays
    Mixed martial arts essays
    Mixed martial arts essays
    Mixed martial arts essays
    Mixed martial arts essays

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