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So, in many ways, the structure and organisation rather than the content and style are the most important aspects of a French essay. Having received the subject of the essay — in the above case, Audrey Tautou, her films, and the themes in those films — the student then needs to do something quite different to what we do in English essays.

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This is a bit like the research question, the thesis statement, or the research topic, and will often involve a series of complicated, interlinked questions. This is not easy, and takes a lot of practice, but it is something all French students are expected to do, and to do well — argumentation, rhetoric, dialectical logic.

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Jacob W. Usually, the dissertation will have three distinct parts, each consisting of one paragraph only , so that the final essay will contain five paragraphs if we also add the introduction and conclusion. Each paragraph is then subdivided, often into three parts, so as to introduce one major argument plus shorter examples.

For example, in French, common words and phrases that introduce an opposite or opposing idea include mais but , cependant nevertheless , toutefois however , pourtant yet , and au contraire on the contrary. Once the three main paragraphs have been completed, students will then go back to retrofit the Introduction and the Conclusion.

It is only in the conclusion that students may finally offer up their opinion, by relating that opinion to the series of arguments put forward in the preceding four main paragraphs. References Jacob W. Coordinates: But the writing form does illustrate an attempt to describe a topic in depth with the purpose of developing new insights on a particular text or corpus. There are different formats for each of these types of essay, and different objectives for each written form. An explication de texte is a type of essay for which you complete a close reading.

It is usually written about a poem or a short passage within a larger work. This close reading will elucidate different themes and stylistic devices within the text. When you are completing an explication de texte, make sure to follow the structure of the text as you complete a close examination of its form and content.

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The format for an explication de texte consists of:. An introduction, in which you situate the text within its genre and historical context. This is where you can point out to your readers the general themes of the text, its form, the trajectory of your reading, and your approach to the text. The body, in which you develop your ideas, following the structure of the text. Make sure you know all of the meanings of the words used, especially the key terms that point to the themes addressed by the author.

It is a good idea to look words up in the dictionary to find out any second, third, and fourth meanings that could add to the themes and forms you describe.

French essay writing phrases

Like a student taking an oral examination based on this type of essay writing, you will be expected to have solid knowledge of the vocabulary and grammatical structures that appear in the text. Often the significance of the language used unfolds as you explain the different components of theme, style, and composition. A conclusion, in which you sum up the general meaning of the text and the significance of the figures and forms being used. You should also give the implications of what is being addressed, and the relevance of these within a larger literary, historical, or philosophical context.

NB: If you are writing about a poem, include observations on the verse, rhyme schemes, and meter. It is a good idea to refer to a reference work on versification.

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If you are writing about a philosophical work, be familiar with philosophical references and definitions of concepts. Caveat: Refrain from paraphrasing. Instead show through careful analysis of theme, style, and composition the way in which the main ideas of the text are conveyed. This type of essay develops different areas of reflection through analytical argument.

Such argumentation should clarify the reading that you are approaching by presenting components of the text from different perspectives. In contrast to the explication de texte, it is organized thematically rather than following the structure of the text to which it refers.

A tripartite body, in which you explore the question you have come up with, citing specific examples in the text that are especially pertinent to the areas of reflection you wish to explore. These different areas of inquiry may initially seem disparate or even contradictory, but eventually come together to form a harmonious reading that addresses different aspects of the text.

30 Useful French Essay Phrases

The more obvious characteristics of the text should illuminate its subtler aspects, which allows for acute insight into the question that you are in the process of exploring. A conclusion, in which you evaluate your reading and synthesize its different areas of inquiry.

This is where you may include your own opinions, but make sure that the preceding sections of your commentaire remain analytical and supported by evidence that you find in the text. NB: Looking at verb tenses, figures of speech, and other aspects that contribute to the form of the text will help situate your reader, as will commenting on the register of language, whether this language is ornate, plain, reflects a style soutenu, or less formal patterns of speech.

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Caveat: Quotations do not replace observations or comments on the text. Explain your quotations and situate them well within your own text. The dissertation is a personal, organized, and methodical reflection on a precise question that refers to a corpus of writing. The format for a dissertation consists of:. An introduction, in which you present the topic addressed, the significance of your argument, and the trajectory of your ideas.

french as useful essay phrases French as useful essay phrases
french as useful essay phrases French as useful essay phrases
french as useful essay phrases French as useful essay phrases
french as useful essay phrases French as useful essay phrases
french as useful essay phrases French as useful essay phrases
french as useful essay phrases French as useful essay phrases
french as useful essay phrases French as useful essay phrases
french as useful essay phrases French as useful essay phrases

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