5 paragraph essay lesson plans


This sample five paragraph essay lesson plan shows the students how to keep details together, write effective opening and closing paragraphs, and use transition words. Crinkle crinkle! That's the sound of my All About Me bag opening. In my bag, I have three things: a flower, a map and a book.

Modifications for Writing a 5-Paragraph Essay Lesson Plan

Each one of these things tells something special about me. First, I have a flower. This flower is a daisy because that is my favorite type of flower. My mom always grows daisies out front in the summer. My dog likes them too, but he eats them and makes my mom really mad.

I also have a map in my bag. I have been to many different places in the world, like Germany and the Bahamas. My favorite place to go though, was Florida. I found a shark tooth on the beach! Finally, I have a book. I love to read - my mom says I am voracious with books. Right now I am reading A-Z Mysteries. I didn't even know I would like mysteries until I started this series.

I think most kids in second grade would love this series. Of course there are lots of other things that are important about me, but those are my favorite ones. Now I would love to know more about you. Do you have three things you can share? I can't wait to read about you! This student used a five paragraph essay outline, included transition words, had effective opening and closing sentences, utilized new vocabulary and learned about how colons help writers to list information. That's a lot for an 8 year old…or is it?

Note: Get your own bag ready with three things. You will need it to do a guided writing experience with the students on Day One. Primary - very basic Intermediate Advanced. Day One : Introduce Paragraph Writing.

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Take the students to your writing area, and tell them you brought your own bag to share with them. When you get to the line: "In my bag, I have three things:" be sure to point out the use of the colon and how it designates a list. The students will write their supporting details in the same order as the list. Open your bag with a flourish. The bag is the introduction.

The objects inside are the details, or body of the essay. Take out the first object. Write a simple sentence that tells what the object is, uses a transition word such as "first" , and make that sentence in YELLOW. Using RED , write two supporting sentences that go with the object. When you are ready for the closing paragraph, close up the bag dramatically and tell the students that since the bag is closed, you cannot write anything more about what is inside the bag. This is a key concept for students to understand about how details are not found in the opening and closing paragraphs in an essay.

The closing paragraph is about wrapping it all up effectively, like a present. I like to call this a "circle sentence. You should also find some time to do a mini-lesson on Transition Words.

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  • Some prefer to put transitions in the next paragraph, but this is easy to grade on the fly with the rubric. Speeds grading these up considerably and limits subjectivity. This resource includes what you need to teach students the format of a five paragraph essay. There are writing organization pages for each of the five paragraphs and a variety of activities to choose from for teaching different components of an essay. This includes a rap that helps students remember. Activities , Handouts , Printables. This product contains all the tools you will need to teach students how to write a 5-paragraph essay!

    It is fully aligned with Common-Core writing standards, and uses step-by-step and scaffolded processes to help students successfully compose an analytic essay. The download includes PDF versions of t. PowerPoint Presentations , Activities , Rubrics. This resource is designed to teach high-school students how to write a 5-paragraph character analysis essay for Othello. The step-by-step processes and explanations make teaching the 5-paragraph essay simple and engaging for all levels of students!

    The materials are well organized and easy to follow. PowerPoint Presentations , Handouts , Rubrics. There are several lesson provided in this packet. I apologize if they are out of order in the PDF. The software I use doesn't let me rearrange the order.

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    Using the Bing, Bang, Boom method students have 1. An example "Fourth of July". Worksheets , Handouts , Printables. These worksheets helps teach kids how to write a 5 paragraph essay. It gives you and the kids a visual template to help them organize their thoughts. There is an assessment form to use at the end of this unit. Lesson Plans Individual , Worksheets , Minilessons. Five Paragraph Essay Writing Template.

    Lesson Plan for 5 Paragraph Essays: Common Core Writing Worksheet

    This comprehensive packet introduces how to write a thesis statement, and frame an argument using a five paragraph essay model. This graphic organizer allows students to write abo. Worksheets , Graphic Organizers. Packet contains everything you need to teach the structure of a simple 5-paragraph essay.

    Product is geared towards young or struggling writers my students as well as upper level ELL and ESL students used it at my school Product contains graphic organizers and writing guides based on the I. Handouts , Graphic Organizers.

    Rough Drafts, Editing, and Revising

    Show 6 included products. Students will learn to format and write a tightly focused, thesis-centered 4 - 5 or more paragraph essay based on their research question. This workshop scaffolds students through every step, teaching them to expand their thinking and creativity, so their w. Research , Graphic Organizers , Google Apps.

    Writing Ninjas: How To Write A Five-Paragraph Essay

    Using boxes and bullets this will allow students to properly plan for their 5 paragraph essay. After planning, they will are given a paragraph outline to make sure that they are including everything that is needed to make a good essay. Editable so that you can fit your classroom needs. Not Grade Specific. Activities , Outlines.

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    This packet introduces the basics of writing a 5 paragraph descriptive essay. It may be used as a series of mini-lessons or as a writing center activity. In this packet you will find:Teacher example read-aloudInstructions Comprehension check questionsBrainstorming pageWriting skills pages pre-writi.

    5 paragraph essay lesson plans 5 paragraph essay lesson plans
    5 paragraph essay lesson plans 5 paragraph essay lesson plans
    5 paragraph essay lesson plans 5 paragraph essay lesson plans
    5 paragraph essay lesson plans 5 paragraph essay lesson plans
    5 paragraph essay lesson plans 5 paragraph essay lesson plans
    5 paragraph essay lesson plans 5 paragraph essay lesson plans
    5 paragraph essay lesson plans 5 paragraph essay lesson plans

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