The braindead megaphone thesis

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But if there is an overarching theme to the collection, it is the moral that, if only we took the time to try to understand one another instead of emphasising our differences, the world would be a friendlier and more harmonious place and that this goes double for America with regard to foreign policy. No good liberal could disagree and yet there is a sense with many of these pieces that we haven't really been convinced of anything we didn't already feel. Take the title piece.

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  • One of Saunders's favourite devices is the unnecessarily elaborate metaphor for something that was already simple to grasp on its own terms and he spends a large part of this essay creating the image of a party at which guests are milling and enjoying interesting, fruitful conversations, until a guy bursts in with a megaphone and starts yelling banalities.

    Saunders imagines how the party guests will respond: their conversations will, in a very short time, take on his agenda and the more crude and stupid his bellowing becomes, the harder it will be for more sophisticated arguments to be heard or even conceived by those around him. The megaphone, of course, is the American media, run entirely for profit, so that titillation becomes more important than truth, analysis or information.

    Careful with those metaphors, George

    It is Saunders's contention that this unreflecting media and its uncritical viewers, their senses blunted by OJ and Monica and a subsequent diet of rolling non-stories, waved through the Iraq war. But who, you can't help wondering, among his like-minded liberal readers was not aware of same and not already anxiously discussing it even before we had such a helpful metaphor?

    Perhaps this is unfair: with his self-deprecating, faux-naif tone and his air of perplexity, Saunders is a warm and funny guide through familiar and foreign landscapes, even if his overuse of Significant Capital Letters to denote That Which Is Noteworthy in a Humorous Way does start to feel like fingernails on a blackboard after quite a short time. Yet sometimes, the ingenu persona he adopts in order to arrive at the truth by way of comic, childlike observations can create its own problems.

    The Braindead Megaphone: Show and Tell by Eric Earnhardt on Prezi

    Here, he is both guiltily thrilled to be immersed in such opulence and uncomfortably aware of the cartoon example of inequality it presents. He wishes all the poor Indian construction workers could be allowed to share his private pool.

    Because that's not the way the world works. More curious than these non-insights is the tone of paternal compassion he employs when observing the have-nots in this oasis. He is moved to tears by the sight of Arab families taking photos at a snow theme park.

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    Our second Dairy-Tech in February continued to showcase ground-breaking technology; inspired uptake of the latest science and field-based skills, introduced a fresh range of innovative products and services and pioneered new global concepts in management efficiency. The event saw over 50 new products showcased across the show floor and diverse and dynamic speaker programmes on the Innovation and Dairy Hubs.

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    • Due to the transformation in the dairy industry over recent years it is becoming increasingly apparent that farmers need to be competitive, and irrespective of their system type and market they supply, they need to match both to their available resources and milk contract. Regardless of their cost base, future successful dairy businesses must be informed, resilient, proactive and efficient; Dairy-Tech provides this platform, alongside a recognition that dairy farming has become a professional industry.

      Dairy-Tech will showcase a fresh show that recognises the pressing needs of the modern dairy professional, allowing them to gain maximum exposure to new and exciting industry innovations relevant to their business, despite a large variation in cost base and system.

      The Braindead Megaphone

      Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Showcasing the very latest concepts in science and technology through ground-breaking innovation. Held at Stoneleigh Park in Kenilworth, known as the home of agriculture, the event will house exhibitors throughout its 6, sqm site. The runner up was Steffan Rees from Aberystwyth University. The format of the competition saw the final round Wednesday 5th February

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