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Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. She pours liquids used in eyeliner into the eyes of numerous albino rabbits. The rabbits' eyes are held open with clips so that for the 72 hour test period, the rabbits can't even blink. The rabbits' bodies are in a box so that only their head protrudes.

Some eyes become extremely deteriorated, and some rabbits even become blind due to the toxicity of the liquid being tested Research Papers words 4. Research Papers words 2 pages. Millions of animals are killed in laboratories everyday with no chance to object to what the testers are about to do to them. Animals feel as much pain as humans do so why does it make it okay to test on them when they are so alike to humans. Every day people test makeup, shampoos, and medicines on animals, the strange thing is that animals have different skin, hair, and internal organs than humans have Research Papers words 2.

In the past, animal testing has been a touchy subject for people to talk about. Until recently, scientists did not treat animals with the utmost respect and even used such methods as vivisection, or basically operating on a live animal without any form of anesthetic, as a means of testing on animals. It is obvious why people would be against animal testing in the past, but now technology and new laws have brought us into a new era in which animal testing can be much more humane when it is used Michael W.

Fox estimates that twenty-five to thirty-five million animals are used in the United States each year for laboratory testing and research Research involving tests done on animals is unnecessary and cruel. More humane methods of research need to be employed.

animal testing essay

Most Aussies say that animal testing should be banned. Supporters of experiments on dogs, rats or whatever enter into a controversy with opponents giving positive examples.

Persuasive essay writing is an effective practice for future journalists, politicians, top managers. It is a tool for participating in debates or negotiations. Animal testing essay writing should satisfy the requirements stated for persuasive essays. To write a persuasive essay , take five simple steps. The correct structure is important for custom essay writing.

Animal Testing - Free A+ Argumentative Essay Example

Such organizations as PETA campaign in order to increase the range of relevant research and make the process of developing alternative testing methods faster and more efficient. It is reasonable that an animal testing essay of a student who supports this point of view will state the requirement to alleviate testing on animals.

It will also contain an argument that animal testing does not ensure absolutely valid results as tests conducted on animals are different from those done to humans; that is why, the question is whether animal testing has any practical sense at all. On the other hand, an argumentative essay on animal testing can be written from the point of view of advantages of the use of animals in medicine. It is wrong to hurt living beings, but it is necessary to test the safety of new products before using them for the benefits of people.

Typically, rats are the first animals used for research. In case the tests prove to be effective, monkeys are the next subjects for a series of tests. Only if these experiments are successful, the product can be given to people. An animal testing argumentative essay always mentions the benefit of reducing the number of errors and fatal mistakes owing to a round of tests on animals.

Actually, there is hardly any effective alternative to animal testing. Furthermore, it is subject to following strict regulations to ensure prevention of all kinds of animal mistreatment.

Alternatives To Animal Experimentation

In general, the debates over the use of animals in testing for medical research testing have been historically known for centuries. After the animal testing essay introduction, it is typical to present the claims of the proponents. They imply that there is no intentional harm in the animal testing; moreover, the animals are well kept, fed, and treated nicely. Besides, they state that the absence of effective alternatives makes it impossible to eliminate this practice.

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They also emphasize the benefit of saving lives owing to animal testing. Nevertheless, certain environmental organizations aimed at protection of animals call for no more animals in research and testing because of the cruel and inhumane practices. Writing an animal testing argumentative essay outline , one should take into consideration that animal testing is a matter of various discussions. Thus, it is important to choose a certain position and focus the whole assignment on this point of view.

A common task for the students is to work on an argumentative paper; thus, it is essential to determine and specify a definite position and then develop a thesis statement with the supporting arguments appropriately. For instance, if you make up your mind to look at the animal testing from the angle of supporting position, it is recommended to use the following arguments or similar ones. According to the medical researchers, the contribution of testing on animals in the advancement of health care and medicine cannot be overestimated. It is owing to the experiments conducted on animals, people can be treated for breast cancer, tuberculosis, diabetics, malaria, brain injury, and other diseases.

Physicians also emphasize the role of chimpanzees in experiments aimed at looking for treatment for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. The animal and human bodies have identical or similar processes. There is an assumption that testing can be conducted on cell organisms, but it is doubtful that it will work, as those tissues cannot be tested for blindness or blood pressure issues. Currently, animal testing is used as a model for computer programs that will probably substitute it in the future. The provided data prove to be accurate; however, living organisms cannot be replaced with less complex computer programs which do not ensure simulation of the brain activity.

The organs of the mammals are identical with those of people; besides, there is a striking genetic closeness between them. Animals have the same bloodstream and central nervous systems with humans; that is why the susceptibility to diseases of both of them is similar.

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Each essay about animal testing contains an argument about checking of medical treatment for toxicity during the animal testing procedures. It is against all ethical norms to test new medicine on people and risk their lives. Helsinki Medical Association claims that animal testing should always go before human experiments. As a result of vaccine testing on animals, not only people but animals are saved from terminal diseases.

Animal Testing Essay

Besides, development of new medical products contributes to the prevention of species extinction. Various animal testing essay examples demonstrate that there are strict regulations of experimenting with animals nowadays. A topical issue of the present-day life is protection of animal rights, and numerous organizations control the situation. It is important to make sure that there is neither violation of animal rights not suffering of animals from abuse. The life cycles of animals are shorter than those of people; thus, the experiments on them are more reasonable than those on humans.

It is possible to observe all consequences and effects of certain drugs owing to short life cycles in the course of several years or even months. Some students even use the fact of humane treatment of animals in the animal testing essay title. Researchers always take into account the conditions and consequences of experiments and care about the animals.

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  6. A variety of animal testing essay topics implies considering different opinions of the pros and cons of those experiments.

    animal research argumentative essay Animal research argumentative essay
    animal research argumentative essay Animal research argumentative essay
    animal research argumentative essay Animal research argumentative essay
    animal research argumentative essay Animal research argumentative essay
    animal research argumentative essay Animal research argumentative essay
    animal research argumentative essay Animal research argumentative essay

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