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But new treatment options could help dramatically in the near future. This disease is extremely hard to treat and progresses rapidly when it becomes refractory; most patients die within a few months.

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How does it work? The use of human T cells as therapeutics to re-engage the immune system has the potential to revolutionize the way cancer is treated. These cellular therapies have the potential to be effective regardless of the type of previous treatments patients have experienced and may avoid the long-term side effects associated with current treatments. The process is long and tedious prior to the approval of any new drug by regulatory agencies.

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Researchers are now starting to experiment with new technologies that will help reduce the time and cost of such trials that kill millions of animals every year. Wyss Institute researchers and a multidisciplinary team of collaborators have engineered microchips that recapitulate the microarchitecture and functions of living human organs, including the lung, intestine, kidney, skin, bone marrow and blood-brain barrier. Each individual organ-on-chip is composed of a clear flexible polymer about the size of a computer memory stick that contains hollow microfluidic channels lined by living human cells interfaced with a human endothelial cell-lined artificial vasculature, and mechanical forces can be applied to mimic the physical microenvironment of living organs, including breathing motions in lung and peristalsis-like deformations in the intestine.

Because the microdevices are translucent, they provide a window into the inner workings of human organs. This type of printing, also called stereolithography , can create almost any object by fusing different materials, layer by layer, to form a physical version of a digital 3D image. Now, there may be an opportunity to use it for personalized healthcare as well.

In its most simplistic form, the idea of experts and researchers is to produce personalized 3D printed oral tablets. Medical writer C. The idea is to give patients one single pill that offers treatment for everything they need. In the process, the idea would be to use inkjet-based 3D printing technology to create limitless dosage forms.

According to experts, it is likely that this could challenge conventional drug fabrication. The process to create novel dosage forms has already been tested for many drugs, and we will only witness more innovation as time moves on. Drug release profiles explain how a drug is broken down when taken by the patient. Designing and printing drugs firsthand make it much easier to understand their release profiles. This creates a barrier between the active ingredients, allowing researchers to study the variations of the release more closely.

As drug manufacturers start to understand the full set of opportunities allowing them to make more effective drugs, there will likely be more research and investment into this area in the coming years. Heart disease still reigns as the leading cause of death in America, surpassing cancer by a small margin. But a new drug called Serelaxin has upped the odds of survival by as much as 37 percent , according to a University of California, San Francisco study.

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Is the fountain of youth becoming a reality? A new treatment option may be in our future in which blood of younger people under 25 could be used to reverse the effects of aging.

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In the near term, the company has another strategy. Over the next two years, Alkahest will take human plasma and divide it into fractions that are rich in different proteins.

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Each fraction will then be tested in mice to see if they boost brain function. Any that do will be swiftly introduced into human trials and developed into the first generation of products. For example, hospitals take advantage of the technology for real-time location services with badges that can track patients, staff and medical devices. Such assets include infusion pumps, wheelchairs, defibrillators, scales and other items that employees tend to tuck into out-of-sight corners yet are needed frequently for treating patients.

Companies like the KAA project have created an open-source IOT platform which allows OEMs and healthcare system integrators to establish cross-device connectivity and implement smart features into medical devices and related software systems. Consumerism has been making inroads into the healthcare industry for at least a decade, with patients increasingly acting like consumers who have a choice in their healthcare options, trying to make the best decisions for quality and cost just as they do with any other commodity.

The trend has been accelerated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which left many consumers with large deductibles that put more pressure on them to find the most cost-effective care for the dollars coming out of their own pockets. Other qualities that the participants identified as important for both sets of companies were delivering on expectations, making life easier, and offering great value. Consumerism appears to have more impact on outpatient services than inpatient care, says Mark Bogen, senior vice president of finance and chief financial officer at South Nassau Communities Hospital, a staffed-bed acute care facility in Oceanside, New York.

The two countries with the lowest scores in the index have one thing in common: extremely low rates of unemployment.

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Over the same period that the program ran, the national unemployment rate fell from Despite accusations of populism and even authoritarian tendencies, the Prime Minister still commands a strong following in Hungary. Email address. Connect with us. Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies 1.

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Visualizing the Decline of Confidence in American Institutions. How Technology is Disrupting the Construction Industry. Published 1 week ago on October 11, By Katie Jones. Which Acquisitions Were a Success? Under a Creative Commons license.

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Abstract Today, we live in a dynamic and turbulent global community. JEL classification O. Keywords Innovation classification. Recommended articles Citing articles 0.

latest inventions in computer technology 2011 Latest inventions in computer technology 2011
latest inventions in computer technology 2011 Latest inventions in computer technology 2011
latest inventions in computer technology 2011 Latest inventions in computer technology 2011
latest inventions in computer technology 2011 Latest inventions in computer technology 2011
latest inventions in computer technology 2011 Latest inventions in computer technology 2011
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latest inventions in computer technology 2011 Latest inventions in computer technology 2011
latest inventions in computer technology 2011 Latest inventions in computer technology 2011

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