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For many people outdoor activity is the most common and usual way of having a rest or having fun on a vacation. While some of us prefer staying indoors with a book, others cannot keep their wild energy inside and keep on trying outdoor activities whatever the season. Along with it, a large number of people have outdoor hobbies like horse riding, surfing, camping, hiking, or canoeing.

With time, they develop their skills, which gives even more pleasure and confidence. Being active outdoors has many evident benefits. For many, it can be a good sport alternative or the way to keep their bodies fit and healthy.

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Sure, this is not the same as visiting a gym three times a week. However, energetic amateur baseball or basketball game may give an effective physical exertion that takes negative emotions away and gives positive vibes instead.

Fresh air helps a lot to feel better after a hard week spent in college or at work. There are many proofs that this can never be replaced by the process of surfing the Internet all weekend indoors. For all outdoor activity lovers this is also an additional way to leave their comfort zones and overcome their fears of heights, trauma or others. Safety, without a doubt, is of great importance.

Yet even the riskiest activities just keep calling our name. Why, is it a positive or negative development.

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This essay will discuss both pros and cons of playing such games in the upcoming paragraphs. To begin with, due to busy schedule of parents they donot allow their children to play outdoor games because crime is increasing day by day. So that, juveniles give more preference to indoor games instead of outdoor games and spend their leisure time.

Moreover, technology spread its roots all over the world and every electronic gadgets are easily available in the market. For example, they allure to children to buy them and play by which they keenly take interest in such types of games which brings joy and prosperity in their life. Here are some negative effects of this phenomenon first and foremost, by spending lots of time while playing computer games by which they have to suffer from different type of diseases. Such as, obesity, weakness of eyeside and so on. Which is not only detrimental for them but also creates disturbance in their parents life and ruin their life too.

On the other hand, they can broden their horizon of knowledge by playing on electronic gadgets. There are many games available which is related to their study. Like, puzzle game, word making and so on. So that, they can learn new techniques related to their study which uplift the standard of their knowledge and it is beyond comparison. To sum up, children have to play computer games to some extent because in that age they have to give more preference to outdoor games for their body growth and focus on their study too.

Essay about Indoor and Outdoor Activities |

Playing computer games is a waste of time. In childhood, as the pressure of studies is less on children, playing different games is an important part of their lives. Some children like to play some indoor or outdoor games with their friends while others prefer to play computer games in the comfort of their homes.

Although some people think that playing computer games is a waste of time for children and should be prohibited, others disagree. In my view, children should be prohibited to play computer games for two key reasons. The main reason is that at such a tender age, children become addicted to computer games easily by playing them often.

If they are allowed to play these games, they spend most of their time in front of computers and do not give sufficient time to studies. For example, last week I met best friend Rosa in a park near our home. She was really worried as her son John spends all the time playing computer games She told me that he used to be one of the high scorers in his class.

But since the time he has started playing computer games, his perfrmance in school has been deteriorating. He has become very lazy and can't focus on studies. Whenever he sits for studies, after a few minutes. Also, since he plays different types of games, some of which involves a lot of violence, he has become very aggressive in nature. She wished she hasn't allowed him to play computer games in the very first place. As you can see, children can become very distracted by playing computer games.

This can become such an inevitable part of their lives that it consumes most of their time. Another reason is that children stop socialising and playing with other children which affects their behavior. This can act as a hindrance to developing many vital skills in them. For instance, I remember when I was a kid, my brother used to play computer games all the time and harddly used to go out to play with his friends.

Even when many of his friends used to come home to invite him for playing football, one of his favourite games, he used to deny them. Rather, he used to play football on his computer.

Indoor vs Outdoor Activities – Essay Sample

All day sitting and playing computer games made him obese as he was not indulging in any kind of physical activity. His behavior towards me and my parents also changed drastically. Earlier he used to have long conversations with me and used to discuss his day-to-day activities with me, but later he became very quiet and reticent. He started behaving awkwardly in social gatherings and used to avoid people. His sleeping patterns also changes as he used to play games all night and would sleep in school during classes. My parent became very furious seeing him this way and immediately took an action.

He longer had access to the computer games that he used to play all the time. Although this caused hima lot of difficulties earlier, many a times he used to yell at us, but later he started dveloping his initial behavior.

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We were happy to see him performing well in studies and spending leisure time with his friends. This experience taught me that children should not be given such easy access to computer games which can eventually lead to some troubles with the children themselves. In sum, though some people would disagree, I believe that children should not be allowed to play computer games in their leisure time. Not only do computer games make children addicted to them but also affect their behavior and social skills.

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essay on indoor games for kids Essay on indoor games for kids
essay on indoor games for kids Essay on indoor games for kids
essay on indoor games for kids Essay on indoor games for kids
essay on indoor games for kids Essay on indoor games for kids
essay on indoor games for kids Essay on indoor games for kids
essay on indoor games for kids Essay on indoor games for kids

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