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Term Papers words 1. Spielberg captured the true essences of what pain was during World War Two. Term Papers words 2. Roman used visual techniques in the opening scenes such as black and white film, camera positioning and motifs to create an atmosphere for the audience. The first scene in the film is a montage of grainy black and white scenes of Polish life before the Nazi invasion on Poland.

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The footage shows a dated world with old English style building and technology, people are shown walking about the town in aged clothing Free Essays words 1. Szpilman and his family suffered from strict restrictions under the Nazi occupation that forced out of their homes and into ghettos and concentration camps. Eventually, Szpilman escaped and hid in various parts of the city until the war was over However, music did not always function successfully for Szpilman as a coping mechanism. Term Papers words 5 pages.

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By using an analysis of the narrator, understanding the imposed Jewish identity, the roles of others, and the contrasting between past and present, it can help the audience to further the narrative that nothing was clear cut as it is made to seem Never in the history of the world had man kind experienced such evil against one class of people.

The Pianist, a movie directed by Roman Polanski, is a touching, yet brutally honest film about a man living under the unforgiving conditions of the Holocaust. Adrien Brody demonstrates spectacular acting skills while playing this man, Wladyslaw Szpilman.

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Black clouds veil a dying sun. Yet, the storm is not falling from above but raging from below. The thunder is the cracking of gunfire and the clouds, smoke rising from the rubble of what once was. With the roar of a lion, planes, looking like angels in the heavens, drop death upon a city.

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He is pulled away from deportation by one of the Jewish policemen that admired his music and befriends him. He saves his life and sends him back into the ghetto. The ghetto however is empty because all the Jews were killed or deported. He is the only Jew left. A year goes by and his life in the ghetto further deteriorates.

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During this period, he suffers from hunger and lives in hiding. He befriends two non- Jews Anderzej Bougcki and his wife Janina Bougcki who help him in hiding, give him food and help him avoid being captured by the Germans.

Essay on The Pianist

While in hiding, he witnesses many horrific acts committed by the German soldiers. In his first hiding place one of the German neighbor discovers Szpilman but is unable to capture him.

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That gives Szpilman the chance to find another place to hide. In his second hiding Soto 3 place he almost dies from jaundice and malnutrition. This part of the movie is really sad his body looks like a skeleton. Years later the Polish resistance mounts the Warsaw Uprising against the German occupation. Szpilman witnesses the Polish insurgents fighting the Germans outside his window. Again, he dodges death when a German tank shells the apartment he is hiding in. As the result of the fighting, Warsaw is razed and depopulated.

After the surviving Warsaw population is deported from the ruins the German soldiers escape from the approaching Soviet Army. Szpilman is left entirely alone. He suffers from hunger and desperately searches for food. He finds a can of pickles.

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While he is trying to open the can, a captain of the Wehrmacht discovers him. Wilm Hosenfeld played by actor Thomas Kretschmann questionshim and discovers that Szpilman is a Pianist. The captain asks Szpilman to play something for him on the piano that was in the building.

The Captain Hosenfeld likes the music Szlipman plays and he lets him continue hiding in the attic of the building and even brings him food occasionally. This helps Szpilman survive. This movie has very graphic scenes, and authentically shows the terrible reality that thousands of Jewish people endured during those years. At the end of the movie after a few more years the war is over and Szpilman is a free man.

Free only on paper. However inside there is nothing left of him. He is alone. All his family and friends are dead. He does not believe in, respect or trust anyone. The world he knew has changed completely. He plays a song he used to perform with excitement, but now plays it with sadness and anger.

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The way he plays the piano however can not change what happened, but what happened changed him forever. Soto 4 Scott, A. New York Times 27 Dec. Pamela Jaramillo. El Pianista. Mundo Hipanico Newspaper. The Pianist Movie Analysis.

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Essay on the pianist movie

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