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He was inspired to publish a pamphlet in which he called for the creation of an academy and outlined the curriculum that he considered proper for such a school. The result of his proposal was the founding of the Philadelphia Academy, an institute that grew to become the famous present University of Pennsylvania. Also in , the Pennsylvania Assembly passed a proposal of Franklin in establishing the Pennsylvania Hospital.

As one of the governor of Philadelphia, he used all his power to promote a better life for the people. This characteristic was one of the reasons he was respected and remembered by the Americans. The Junto also worked to pave, clean, and light the streets, making them safe by arranging an effective night watch to protect people in the area. They even formed a voluntary militia. In , Franklin published a German- language newspaper since he saw a market for such a publication among the many immigrants who were coming to Pennsylvania at that time. Sadly it was abortive; nevertheless, as people believe, a failure is the mother of success, Franklin kept working.

Franklin published his almanac under the guise of a man named Richard Saunders, a poor man who needed money to take care of his handicapped wife. All the printers wanted to publish the annual work, which featured a calendar that showed the phases of the moon, predicted the weather and tides, and gave other cooking recipes and agricultural information. The proverbs and maxims in this famous annual work were endlessly quoted and repeated over the years, until they became the common sense of millions of Americans.

Unsurprisingly, Franklin stumbled upon a new career in his mid- thirty: inventing. In , he modified his heating stove by arranging the fuel so that the stove would heat the room twice while using only one-fourth of the fuel than usual. There would be more heat but less smoke. His idea was based on the experiment of an unknown French philosopher. The stove was first called the Pennsylvania fireplace; however it later named the Franklin stove, showing respect to the inventor.

The Franklin stove heated the homes and business all over Europe and North America, saving and pleasuring thousands human lives from the deadly cold winters. Franklin began to read about new discoveries including electricity around the time he invented the stove. Decided to start experimenting with electricity, he asked for help from his friends in Philadelphia, Peter Collinson.

He stated after experiments carried out in France in , that lightning was actually a form of electricity.

Benjamin Franklin

Determined to further establish his belief that lightning was electricity, he performed his famous kite experiment. He flew a kite with a metal needle attached to the tip on a very fine metal wire.

A Journal of Ideas, Institutions, and Culture

He had a key attached to the wire and hypothesized that the key would spark while absorbing the electricity. On May 25, , Franklin sent Collinson a detailed report of his experiment, and his friend read it to the Royal Society of London, the most important scientific body of the day. In this world- changing report, Franklin announced his discovery that a pointed metal rod would draw off the charge from an electrified object when the point was brought near the object.

The experiment was a big success.

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However, the direct effect of his work with lightning as electricity was his invention of the lightning rod. On March 2, , Franklin proposed Collinson that the pointed rod attached to the tops of buildings might attract electricity from storm clouds and thus protect structures from damage. The first lightning rod he made was attached to the top of his own house. Soon after, as a storm swept through, the lightning hit the rod instead of his house, leaving the latter intact. It made Franklin world famous. He was elected to the Royal Society in It was rare for a colonist to be elected to the London- based elite society.

Franklin always had to work with great personal risk when dealing with electricity since he owned serious scientific interests. Once, while attempting to kill a turkey with electricity, he accidentally knocked himself unconscious. Being a genius and gaining worldwide fame did not change him. He stayed the same as young, unknown Benjamin Franklin, an apprentice of a printing shop.

The Franklin stove and the lightning rod were by far obviously not the only things Franklin invented. Since he was little, he had poor vision and needed glasses to read. He got tired of constantly taking them off and putting them back on, so he decided to figure out a way to make his glasses that enable him see both near and far. He had two pairs of spectacles cut in half and put half of each lens in a single frame. Today, we call them bifocals.

Although Franklin lived most of his life in the city, he had extensive interests in agriculture and farming. He published some books on agriculture and botany, suggested implementing crop insurance, advocated a silk industry for the British colonies, and helped educate people in the use of gypsum as a fertilizer. He especially showed Americans how to neutralize acidic soil by using lime before planting. He discovered that when oil is poured into rough seas, the water is calmed and more easily navigable.

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He decided to better the mail route by abridging it. He invented a simple odometer and attached it to his carriage.

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin with his Essays and Will

His inventions, both physical and social, subsist in modern societies worldwide. We will write a custom essay sample on Benjamin Franklin: Man Of Manytalents or any similar topic only for you. But Franklin influenced no country more than the land he fathered, the United Sates of America. His signature is also on the lightning rod, glass harmonica and bifocal glasses. His signature graces the abolition movement, republicanism and the Franklin Institute of Boston. To understand a person and his contributions, it is important to know the man behind the ideas. Hard work and equality are two such values that followed Franklin through his professional career.

At twenty years of age, according to his autobiography, Benjamin penned a list of thirteen virtues by which he should conduct his life. The list includes common Puritan values, such as humility, moderation and chastity. Franklin also added a few of his own principles, including resolution, order and justice. Temperance: Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation. Silence: Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.

benjamin franklin essays Benjamin franklin essays
benjamin franklin essays Benjamin franklin essays
benjamin franklin essays Benjamin franklin essays
benjamin franklin essays Benjamin franklin essays
benjamin franklin essays Benjamin franklin essays

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